Worship Arts



6:30 pm - Adult Ministries Building 


Worship Choir

Highland Park’s Worship Choir serves as the primary group that assists in leading worship at our Sunday services. An audition is not necessary to be a part of the choir. Joining is easy: just come to a rehearsal on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. If you call ahead, we’ll have everything ready for you! After you attend your first rehearsal, you’ll receive information about choosing a worship service to sing in and other details about choir membership. Most people like to attend rehearsals for a few weeks before jumping into a worship service; talk to Jeff about what your next steps should be after you get started at rehearsals.

Worship Teams and Soloists

These are the singers you see each week with microphones. Worship singers and soloists are chosen from members of the choir by invitation through an audition/interview process. Talk to Jeff for more information.

Praise Bands

The “core” sound of music in today’s world is a band, so at Highland Park, you’ll see a band each week as part of our worship services. We have a pool of musicians that make up our praise bands, and we’re always looking for more! If you play guitar, bass, drums, percussion or keyboard, contact Jeff Beech , Highland Park’s Worship Arts Pastor, to arrange a time to come sit in at one our weekly rehearsals.


Drama at Highland Park has been limited in past years to special events, especially our annual Christmas event. We intend to make drama a more regular occurrence in our weekend services in the future. Contact Lori McGuire for more information about this growing ministry.

Technical Arts

Of all of the ministries required to maintain our programming for weekly worship services at Highland Park, none is more vital than the work of our technical artists. We divide technical arts into three ministries, all of which are open to anyone regardless of experience. Once assigned to an area, a person is scheduled in a rotation that includes either the morning block of services or the evening service. For “rookies”, we will assign you a mentor who will show the details of the area you will serve in. Over time, we encourage everyone involved to train in all the areas of this ministry. Contact Jeff Beech, Highland Park’s Worship Arts Pastor, for more information.


This includes operation of the Front of House (FOH) sound equipment for worship services and rehearsals, including live sound mixing and recording. This ministry necessitates the greatest amount of training, and requires a good ear for music balances, organizational ability and good communication skills.


These areas include the operation of our media presentation software (MediaShout) for the Worship Center multimedia system, plus an additional computer based lighting system. Skills include close attention to detail and a high level of focus during the worship services. Media and lighting cues are prepared before the services, so the technician for this area is primarily focused on executing the cues at the proper time. Training for this position is usually quite fast and can happen in just a few weeks time, so this area is often a great introduction to tech ministry.


Highland Park currently provides live video feeds to our Fellowship Hall for services where the seating in the main worship center is inadequate. We are always in need of additional cameramen, switchers and producers for this important aspect of our ministry. Also, several times each year we produce our own videos for use in worship services and other venues. Contact Wade Woods, HPBC’s Video Production Ministry Leader, for more information.